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FREE UP in the Community

Community collaborations, engagement, appearances and children's programming.

1st Caribbean American Heritage Celebration

Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office

June 2023

(Opening Dance Performance)


NYC Awareness Day 2023 “Drive Hate Away”

Christopher Rose Community Empowerment Campaign, CRCEC

June 2023


Intention Setting Workshop

Gyrl Wonder NYC

January 2023



New York Carnival Parade 

Little Caribbean NYC & I am Caribbeing 

September 2022


Pop Up Caribbean Carnival, NYC Time Square

Tropical Fete, Inc. 

August 2022

(Dance Performance)

"A Virtual Ladies Night of Elegance" Event

Dominica Association of Tampa Bay &

Dominica Orlando Movement 

May 2021

(Virtual Dance Performance) 

Healing in Heels Dance Series 

Josie's Legacy, Inc. 

January - April, 2021

(Virtual Dance Fitness Instruction) 

Black History Month Celebration, February 2021

Annual Tea Party, June 2021

Virtual Community Gatherings, 2021

Caribbean Community Association Tampa (CCA)

(Virtual Performance & Family Fitness Instruction) 

Group Family Fitness

Christopher Rose Community Empowerment Campaign (CRCEC)


(Fitness Instruction) 

Community Group Fitness

FIT BK of Brooklyn, HCC 


(Fitness Instruction) 

"Untapped: Defining Our Legacy" Event 

Young Guyanese Professional Alliance (YGPA)

May 2019

(Dance Performance) 

Shape Up NYC Community Fitness

NYC Department of Parks & Recreation 


(Fitness Instruction)


Free Up gives back to the community by partnering with organizations to provide programming for children.


The activities are designed to empower young people through literacy, creativity and movement. The purpose is to boost self-esteem and improve social-emotional skills.

Check out some of the past programming below!

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  • Instagram

2019 Summer Collaborations

Brooklyn, New York

2020 Online Youth Programming  

FREE UP Kids partnered with community organizations to provide virtual programming for young people in Florida.

Youth Mic Talk

Pinellas County Urban League Young Professionals

July/August 2020

(FREE UP Fitness & Wellness segment)


STEAM/Academic Meet 

Pretty Young Bosses, Inc

August 2020
(FREE UP Fitness & Wellness segment)

2020 Youth Summer Summit

Pinellas County Urban League Young Professionals

September 2020

(FREE UP Fitness & Wellness segment)


Relax It’s Just Art (RIJA) - Friends and Family Community Connection Session

“Thriving during uncertain times.” 

Orlando United Assistance Center (OUAC)

November 2020

(FREE UP Fitness & Wellness segment)

2021 Virtual Programming


Visit FREE UP Kids on YouTube to see replays of fun and learning in the areas of literacy, creativity and movement!

"Let's Draw w/ Chanel" - January

"Read Aloud w/ Chanel" - February 

"Get Up & Move w/ Chanel" (Zoom) - March



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