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Maintaining wellness through creative expression.

FREE UP Fitness is a total body workout, that involves elements of both dance and exercise.  The routines are performed to soca, calypso, dancehall, afrobeat and reggae music.


The goal is to improve flexibility, strengthen the body and boost confidence and mood. This is achieved through movement, and incorporating healthier routines and practices. 

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Check out the 2023 schedule below! 

FREE UP Dance Fitness (Virtual)

*Moderate intensity. Open to all levels. 



7:15 PM on Zoom 



  • Improve flexibility

  • Build body strength

  • Boost confidence & mood

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FREE UP Dance Fitness

Online Class Schedule:


JAN 2023: 1/16 - 1/30


FEB 2023: 2/1 - 2/27


MAR 2023: 3/1- 3/29


APR/MAY 2023: 4/17-5/10 



Exercise helps to relieve feelings of tension and stress in the body. Engaging in regular activity strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and increases stamina.


Participants are encouraged to aim for

a lifetime of good health by maintaining an

"ALL SEASONS BODY" for all seasons of life.

Come dance with us! Give your mind,

body and soul a treat!

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